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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to add an extra driver for a small fee. At the time of the rental, let our counter staff know who the other driver will be and make sure they have a valid passport and licence.

Yes you are permitted to drop off anywhere within the UAE after informing Luxury 777.

Yes, all of our bookings come with standard insurance coverage in case of any accidents, however it requires a police report to claim insurance in case of any incident.

In case of cancellation, you have to inform us at least 12 hours prior to the cancellation. If you inform us 3 hours before car delivery then there will be a fee you have to pay.

You cannot transfer your booking to someone else. However, you are allowed to add any family member or friend as an additional driver. In this case, you can transfer your booking or hand over the vehicle to that specific person only.

You will require the following documents to book your vehicle with Luxury 777
For UAE Residents:
Valid Emirates ID
Valid UAE driving licence of Category 3,
valid local credit card
For Tourists:
Valid Passport
Valid International Driving Licence
Valid Credit Card

Any valid VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX Credit card may be used to make a booking with Luxury 777.

Obviously, you can switch your car within your subscription time period. We understand that your opinion may change, Luxury 777 permits their customers to switch to any vehicle from their fleet of cars.

Hire the best luxury cars in Dubai from Luxury 777. You can drive your dream car whenever and wherever you want. Starting from 100 AED per day.
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